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About Us


Hooves for Healing is an Equine Assisted learning (EAL)centre which was first established in 2016 .

In 2021 we registered our constituted group as a CIO  (Charitable incorporated Organisation)

We provide our service to the local Merseyside and Wirral community, we offer a non clinical ,holistic service which has improved the quality of life for many children, youths and adults impacting individuals and families  through the benefits of Equine Assisted Learning.


 We rely on donations, payments, fundraisers and grants to enable our work to continue.


Staff are  trained therapists in EAL, all are enthusiastic, knowledgeable horse owners/loaners and have past life experience of working with children/young people who are neurodivergent ,also those who may have physical disability and/or Mental health illness.

 Our first aid and safeguarding training is updated regularly.

Equine Assisted learning is a holistic, alternative coaching tool used to engage and build trust and bonding between equine  service user and staff .

​Teamwork is encouraged as Equine, client and practitioner work closely with the help of a person-centred learning program to encourage an individuals self development.

Some service users like the repartition during their sessions, others like to be creative, try new things, explore and push their boundaries.

Therapeutic riding can be incorporated as part of the service users individual person centred programme,

Leading the pony, brushing, stroking/ touching the pony can also be included. creative activities can take place either under our purpose built outside sheltered or outside in our paddock, always ensuring the service users safety is maintained.

Educational picture card activities are available, also picture/letter signs in sand paddock, this form of learning is ideal for our clients ,some of who are non-verbal and thrive from taking part in visual activities. 

Physical exercise although not embraced by all, we can add an element of exercise to a service user plan through encouraging walking to collect their pony and return them back to the paddock.

We always set our service users up to succeed this promotes self-esteem, trust, confidence, leaving them with a great sense of achievement.


We have many testimonies of success, feed back forms which we collect from parents /carers of our service users keep us motivated

 and moving forward.

                  Who Benefits

Equine Facilitated Learning can be accessed by most people and is beneficial to many including people who may suffer from:
  • Mental Illness- Anxiety,, low mood, Depression, Stress
  • Neurodivergence, children/youths and adults
  • Visually Impairment/Deafness
  • Isolation
  • Social, Emotional and Behavioural difficulties
 Observed Improved Outcomes :
  • self-confidence and self-esteem

  • mental health and well-being

  • calmness and ability to regulate self 

  • social skills and relationships 

  • self-awareness and empathy 

  • Increased ability to focus, engage with tasks 

  • Ability to take part in work experience, improving employment/career choices

  • Improved overall wellness, physical and mental

How to refer
You can self refer, (email ) we have individuals, child agencies , other charities, and also local schools who use our services. 
Our 45 minute equine assisted learning sessions are subsidised through fundraising and grants, also donations . We ask for a set  contribution to Hooves For Healing for the work we provide to cover help staffing costs being a non profit making charity.
Small group bookings have been popular with local schools who inspire to empower their children, they are investing in the futures of their children helping to restore our damaged children after the pandemic.
Facilities ​​
  • Toilets and hand washing facilities 
  • Baby changing area 
  • Onsite parking 
  • Wheelchair accessible 
  • Indoor heated stable
  • Refreshments available
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