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Our daughter has various complex health issues which have manifested themselves and caused her additional suffering with anxiety, low mood, lack of confidence, insomnia and low self esteem. 

I underestimated how therapy through the use of ponies could help with a child's physical and mental health needs.

Pam, Lucy and Sally are so caring, professional and engaging. Pam really gets to understand your child's physical and mental needs prior to attending your first session. This really put me at ease and I also felt reassured in the knowledge that Pam is a parent of children with complex needs, was previously a Health Care Professional and has done lots of research into therapy via ponies.

Our daughter is a different child when she's with her best friend, Murphy; who is a loveable, well natured pony. She interacts in conversations about Murphy and is totally absorbed in 'pony world' for an hour which helps her forget everything else going on in her world.

You can genuinely see that Pam, Lucy and Sally are extremely happy in their work as they're always smiling and exited to see our daughter and make her feel special on each visit, even when its raining and cold!

Its the one thing our daughter looks forward to each week which, is remarkable for us as a family. I wish we had known about Hooves For Healing sooner as its been a revelation!

Well done to all the team and a special thanks to Murphy.

Mrs L Wilson, Hoylake 

"I am in awe of the staff at Hooves for Healing, as not only do they give their clients and families so much care and attention but they also have the horses/ponies welfare to consider at all times, which they do so effortlessly.  They are always professional and are very knowledgeable (they are always willing and able to answer my 101 questions about horses).  There are often visits from equine professionals such as hygienists, farriers, vets ensuring the welfare of the horses/ponies which is evidently paramount to Pam and the team.  The level of respect and trust that the horses have with staff and clients is heart warming and this is due to the continuous hard work that the team put in and their own understanding and respect of equines".  Jo

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